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China Gardening Nursery ,established in Canton province,China with several palm producstion bases in the cold areas, is a professional grower and exporter of well rerooted Trachycarpus (Trachycarpus fortunei, Trachycarpus fortunei cv Tesan,T.fortunei Winsan,¡¡Trachycarpus princeps , Silver Dwarf Palm -Trachcyarpus spp), cultivated Cycad (Cycas revoluta, Cycas micholitzii and Cycas debaoensis),nurmerous bamboos and other trees. We grow the palm, cycad and other plants for the purpose of supplying the best quality to meet your needs . Plus, we produce and sell plants at competitive production and distribution costs, assuring quality and consistency of our products and superior service to¡¡our clients. Since its founding, Our nursery has enjoyed favorable business relationships with our customers from¡¡Europe, Asia and America etc.
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